Social media is always changing, and your business needs someone totally focused. Social media also looks different for everyone- that’s why I do the social media work your business needs. From blogs to influencer management- find the right platforms and campaigns for you. I can help you learn to master social media for your business (consultation) or I can manage your social media profiles (management). Select an option below to learn more. 

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Megan has been a dream come true for my business’ social media marketing


Megan has been a dream come true for my business social media marketing. I have not been actively using my social media accounts to their full potential for many years due to lack of time and knowledge of SM marketing strategies. Megan and I have been able to formulate a marketing strategy for my SM, set expectations and desired results. She has nailed it for me. I have given her full reign to do her job and I have been very happy with her results. Thanks Megan!!


Megan has transformed my business social media. The page engagements and follower have double from what it was before. She is super easy to work with and always responds quickly to messages.