Utilizing Instagram Stories

With over 800 MILLION users on Instagram, there are a lot of accounts competing for your customer’s eye on the main feed. Instagram stories is a business’ best friend.

Instagram Stories are a way for you to reach your customer, even if they aren’t immediately seeing your posts on their feed. And unlike your feed, your Stories don’t have to be “picture perfect” or match with your current aesthetic. They can be unplanned, unedited and often spontaneous. If you do them right, your customers will come to expect,and love your stories (which means more love for your account and business).

Be Authentic

Don’t be afraid to show your face! Research shows customers love to get to know the “boss”and Stories is a great way to get involved. Pop on to say hi, show them what you’re working on, or tease to an exciting new announcement happening soon. Don’t worry if you aren’t in a perfectly lit area or not wearing a tie- be authentic and just “talk” to your followers.

Be Entertaining

Graphics, videos and everything else you put on Stories should be entertaining. If you regularly post boring/dull content, followers will just stop clicking on your icon.

Use All Tools Offered

Instagram favors accounts who use every part of their app (aka you show up more). In Stories, there are a dozen ways to mix things up. Stickers, GIFs (if they ever come back!) and filters should all be used on a regular basis. Find your style and voice, and stick with it every time.

Be Consistent

Just like posting to your feed should be incredibly consistent, so should your stories. Stories are much easier to put together than a post, and in the perfect world you have some kind of story up every day. Stories last 24 hours and you’ll get the most “bang for your buck” if you’re utilizing it daily.